Welcome to the World of Success!     

First of all, Business 101 for Creative Entrepreneurs began with love. Entirely designed to even the playing field for micro and small business start-ups with limited funds (don’t we all have limited funds?). Ideally, to reduce or eliminate common mistakes and offer support while they are learning all the techniques, processes, and tech that is takes to launch successfully in 2020 and make a living.   

Furthermore, when I started my second business, a clothing design company, Live in Art, I was selling out before I could get back to the studio.   I simply could not keep production up with sales.  Generally this would be a great problem, one a coach could have solved.    However, every coach I spoke with wanted $400 an hour which was completely out of the questions for where I was at the time.    As a result, after several months of trying different methods of production and failing, I ended up closing a successful launch.  Obviously, disappointed and angry that I could not transition it to manufacturing, I vowed not let it happen to another small entrepreneur who needs help to get past normal business hurdles.   

Now we have been in business for 10 years!

Our Proudest Accomplishments:  

  • Business 101 has been in business for 10 full years!  
  • Launch Like a Pro! From Vision to First Customers in 100 Days, is an approved provider of SEAP for WA and we will be in 4 more states in 2020 and all 12 by 2021
  • Our program has an 80% continuity rate, with clients growing consistently and actually have businesses, most without a side hustle.  
  • In the process of applying for B Corporation Status (so excited!)
  • 2019 was our biggest impact yet and we anticipate 2020 reaching 1000 entrepreneurs!

Who we are:   An Affordable Option for Really Reliable Business Coaching for Creatives

We offer small business/entrepreneurial training that is extremely reliable to produce successful results, like baking a cake… follow the recipe and you will get the result. 

 Success is not a mystery!    Consequently, you need methods, not miracles, and we are clear that anyone, (including you!) can learn to serve a tribe and earn a living!!  

Our start-up program:  Launch Like a Pro! is available several times a year, followed-up by Market With Heart, Close More Sales, Breaking Through: Mastering Revenue Generation, and Develop Your Power, each available once a year.   Our programs are available for individuals for only $597 each, or include all for $127 a month, all billed automatically .

We Aim For Long Term Impact

One of our underlying missions is to impact poverty by teaching business to those who need it the most. Hence, we offer Launch Like a Pro! to after school programs in low income areas, such as the Boys & Girls Clubs and Youth Achievement Centers, for free!   All with the intent of providing genuine options to minimum wage jobs after high school.  Launch Like a Pro! provides training to 15 – 18 year olds and their parents, if they would like to participate.     

To fund our free programs, we have a 16 month calendar project, our fundraising arm, which is available for pre-order in June, 2020. The calendar features art from our clients, board members, community advocates, and any and all involved with Business 101 for Creative Entrepreneurs mission. 

A Winning Culture Creates Winners!

Business 101 hosts a rich culture of support and inclusion. A winning culture dramatically tips the scales for success and makes working alone in your house way more effective.   Utilizing our Structures for Success ©, evidence shows that those participants who use all the tools start and grow their business at a remarkable rate.    We have several clients that have gone from business license to supporting themselves in a year or less!  

As a result, we encourage peer-to-peer support, with Accountability Buddies,  facilitated small Results Teams, and weekly coaching calls, all done live.   There is also a treasure of videos on the platform for tutorials and how to’s, plus educational and support videos. We are always improving to provide everything you need to be successful, and have the most effective launch you could have. 

Not Your Ordinary Coaching Program

Our primary focus is creatives!  So, all artists, hair cutters, architects, designers, contractors, massage therapists, landscape designers, chefs, Kombucha brewers, community leaders; any and all entrepreneurs who work from their passion for life, and are up to something in their lives. Really, anyone who would not normally afford or engage a business coach.   Furthermore, creatives think and learn differently. Business 101 completely focuses on non-linear learning, to bring the magic, “success factor”, powerfully to each participant.

Community Impact and Development

Statistically, small business growth directly impacts almost every area of small town and city economics. Thus, we offer community training to associations, chambers, and Economic Development Centers’. Really, any organizations working to expand employment, cash circulation, workforce retention, and strategic growth. This makes it possible for each micro business to thrive and contribute to the big picture.   We also offer programs for cities and rural communities, to invigorate their small business development offerings. The end result is a powerful unified strategy for long term financial independence and stability.

Business 101 for Creative Entrepreneurs sole purpose is to serve communities and entrepreneurs. We help small businesses grow and thrive. Many creatives are isolated, disenfranchised, or even in fringe communities. It is time they find their voice within their/our communities. Embracing the Arts makes communities stronger and more connected. Micro businesses contribute to the financial strength of their communities. It is important to nurture them and recognize their contribution to our life together.  

How to Connect and Participate

Come play! 

  •  Like us on Facebook
  • For more information on community development, reach out to community@business101forcreativeentrepreneurs.com.
  •   Send your questions, or, if you requests to participate with sponsoring the calendar or volunteering in some way – send us an email at info@business101forcreativeentrepreneurs.com
  • And finally, for entrepreneurs,  please arrange an absolutely free coaching call, to help get you started, or moved forward.  


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I speak from experience!

I started my first Creative Business when I was a single mom with four tiny children.   That was 25 years ago and I started Business 101 for Creative Entrepreneurs to give back.  Of course, I am so grateful for all the support I did get while I was getting started. Yet more than anything I wished I had some business support, some mentoring or guidance.    I want you to know that I get how hard, confusing, and challenging it can be to be alone and have real questions with no one to ask.

Please accept this FREE 30 Minute Creative Business Consult as my way of saying “You Can Do It!”

  • Ask anything you need to know!
  • Get important, reliable resources for whatever you need
  • You can design a Next Actions plan for building the life of your dreams!
  • Create Learning Plan so you can begin powerfully
  • Feel supported