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why we’re here:

Our goal is to provide world class entrepreneurial education at a reasonable price. The CEBDC education has multiple levels of self-development for entrepreneurs to develop their voice in the community of their choosing as well as all the tutorials, Q&A’s, live classes, workshops, and networking events–each designed specifically for creative entrepreneurs with the sole purpose to help build and grow successful businesses.

what makes us different?

We’ve curated a collective community of creative business people for the purpose of collaborating with other creatives. Our focus is for you to learn and grow your business while discovering success in a supportive environment. We offer kind yet straightforward feedback, encourage accountability, and orchestrate collaboration so you have a safe place to be nurtured as a creative entrepreneur.

As part of our Creative Community, we will help you establish essential business habits.

Develop Skills
Stay Focused
Get Support
Take Action

We are here to empower the voice of creative entrepreneurs, artists, musicians, and all other business people who hold themselves as a Creative by providing communication alignments on any issues that impact Creatives in the business world.

. . . an amazing value for as little as $10/mo!

“In the realm of ideas everything depends on enthusiasm... in the real world all rests on perseverance.”

– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Virtual Creative Workshops

Our monthly Workshops are where we roll our sleeves up and do the work together.

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Upcoming Workshop:
Build Your Irresistible Offer

Creating your IFO, or Irresistible Free Offer, which is your calling card, your brochure, your Getting to the “core” of your message, in your marketplace can be challenging. At the same time, it is the heart of what you are in business to express, so it’s also super important to you!

During this workshop you will build your actual IFO and begin your pipeline and grow the impact of your marketing while list building!

Come on and Roll Your Sleeves Up!

November 11th 
8am – 12pm PDT
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October 2021

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  • Drop-In Clinic: Podcasting Basics with Donny R.
  • Small Business Troubleshooting Call
  • Drop-In Clinic: Brainstorming with Greg G.
  • Drop-In Clinic: Logos, Branding, and Social Media Pages with Kelsey M!
  • Creative Entrepreneur's Business Networking Lunch
  • Guest Speaker: Jeff Goins, Author of Real Artists Don't Starve
  • DROP-IN CLINIC -Brainstorming With Greg Gunter
  • Drop-In Clinic: Website How To's with Gary B
  • DROP-IN CLINIC - Improvisation with Greg G
  • Drop-In Clinic: Taxes, Bookkeeping, and Profitability
  • Drop-in Clinic: Web Design and Development with Olivia Neal
  • DROP-IN CLINIC: Brainstorming With Greg
  • Small Business Troubleshooting Call with Tawn H-A

Virtual Drop-In Clinics

Small Business Trouble Shooting Calls

Trouble-Shooting Icon

90 MINUTES – A live Q&A with Tawn Holstra Auston – Open topic, so whatever you need to get help with is game – All Welcome

Business Networking Events

Connections Icon

90 Minutes of connecting with other creative entrepreneurs’ for doing business together.  Complete with a 10-minute educational speaker and 10-minute Q&A

Brainstorming Events

Brainstorm Icon

Having trouble coming up with ideas, solutions, names? Come work with our resident expert and other creative entrepreneurs for expanding your repertoire.


Creative Entrepreneurs' Business Development Center | Improv | Theater Masks

If you ever struggle with confidence or shyness, this clinic is for you!

Meditation & Breathing

Creative Entrepreneurs' Business Development Center | Meditation

Practice focus and serenity in a chaotic world to help balance the intensity of starting a business – Also highly recommended for general health.

Website How To

BDC Website Icon

Learn how to build a website for your business, even if technology isn’t your thing! This is an entry-level Drop-In Clinic that will teach you easy to use tools, tricks, and techniques for everything web.

““It is not who is going to let you, but who is going to stop you””

– Ayn Rand

Member Benefits

Each BDC resource has been personally vetted by our team in advance for your benefit, ease, and convenience.

Guest Appearance

$ 99

Per Month
  • Unlimited Small Business Troubleshooting Calls – Q&A’s with a Business Coach
  • Creative Entrepreneurs’ Networking Events
  • 1 Special Session

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The Essentials Membership

$ 99

Per Month
  • Unlimited Small Business Troubleshooting Calls – Q&A’s with a Business Coach
  • Creative Entrepreneurs’ Networking Events
  • 2 Workshops a Year
$10 a month or
$99 a year!

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Deluxe MembershipMost Popular

$ 99

Per Month
  • Unlimited Small Business Troubleshooting Calls – Q&A’s with a Business Coach
  • Creative Entrepreneurs’ Networking Events
  • Brainstorming Sessions
  • Improv Sessions
  • Meditation and Breathing Sessions
  • 4 Workshops a Year
  • Bring a Guest
$47 a month or
$499 for the year!

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All Inclusive - Make Me One With Everything

$ 99

Per Month
  • Unlimited Small Business Troubleshooting Calls – Q&A’s with a Business Coach
  • Creative Entrepreneurs’ Networking Events
  • Unlimited Brainstorming Sessions
  • Unlimited Improv Sessions
  • Unlimited Meditation and Breathing Sessions
  • Results Team
  • All Workshops During the Year (8-10)
  • Bring a Guest to a Workshop for No Extra Cost
  • All Classes –
$97 a month or
$999 a year!

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