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Time Ownership

Saturday, August 21st • 2pm–6pm PST

Join us for an empowering workshop on owning your time.

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Transforming Your Money Mindset:
Why No Matter What You Do, You Can’t Get Ahead

Thursday, September 9th • 10am–3pm PST

Have you ever heard, Money is the Bain of Our Existence? Or Money Does Not Grow on Trees? These things, and dozens of others we learned or heard in our past, really do shape our limiting beliefs about money leaving us attempting to “make money” with a very limited space for new behaviors.

In this workshop you will discover some of the early lessons that are still shaping your financial life and start to create some new beliefs and behaviors about money — With determination and persistence you really can transform this area of your life, which will allow you to attract an new level of business growth and start a practice of having your money work for you.

Past Workshops

Build Your Pipeline

April 20th, 2021 • 8am–10am PST

A pipeline or funnel is your orchestrated path of content delivery that moves someone from stranger to raving fan.   In this workshop you will make a plan for adding content and how to automate it for maximum ease and efficiency for you and satisfaction for your followers.

Creating Your Customer Experience:
Automation and Community Development

May 18th, 2021 • 9am–1pm PST (4 hours)

In this workshop your will get your markers out and create an intentional design to how you want your customer to “feel” as they receive, digest, and interact with your nurturing content, website, and Calls to Action (choosing Yes!)

How to Talk About Your Business

June 23rd, 2021 • 9am–1pm PST

In this workshop you will design a short and powerful way to share about your business that will give you confidence and certainty that you are expressing your intent and passion. The short 30-120 second talk can be repurposed for website content, landing pages, direct mail, and even talks.

Tawn Holstra Auston

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“It is not who is going to let you, but who is going to stop you”

– Ayn Rand