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Personal Development & Equine Gestalt Coach

Vonie Kalich • (360) 904-7867 •

Hello, my name is Vonie! I am a coach, writer, horsewoman, and longtime fitness professional passionate about helping others experience a life-changing journey towards happiness. With my online signature program, ‘One Size Fits None,’ I work with women to release their shame and guilt around their health. I also partner with horses offering private, group, and corporate equine coaching events to help people work through many of life’s challenges.

Tech Integration & Consulting

Ashley Ludlow • (208) 918-1919 •

At Solmiga, our goal is to relieve your frustrations around technology in your business. We connect with business owners, dive deep into the big vision of the company, identify areas where systems can automate and simplify tasks. Then, we help to set these systems up for you, so that you can spend your time doing the things that you love.


Our Little Lavender Company

Mark Ambrola • (509) 599-9708 •

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Kailee Carneau • (509) 420-3077 •

Interior Design Consulting – Kano & Co. exists to help people, and small  businesses, reuse, repurpose, and reimagine their spaces to make room for who they want to be, and the future they want to see. 

BDC Member Success Story:


Mark Ambriola

With our first Goal in mind to raise our own Lavender plants. The next step was how to use the plants we love so much. Born was Our Little Lavender Co. Now we try to share every way these little buds of love can be used.

What we come in daily contact with can have a large effect on our well being. Our products instill a bit of natural freshness to help smooth out the rough spots.

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