Tawn Holstra Auston

In our Launch Like a Pro! From Vision to First Customers in 100 Days, we are intense about some things… your big vision, creating an amazing offer, and creating structures that really allow you to grow your business (and not get trapped in it), and engaging real potential customers (market research).

We use all sorts of resources, The E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber, Profit First , The Surrender Experiment by Michael Singer, Owning Our Future by Marjorie Kelly, and others because no one builds a business in a vacuum.

Every once in a while, our message is said so perfectly that it is a powerful reinforcement that there are some parts of building a business that take consistent work. They are not a one and done item, but a blooming from a bud to a blossom and each stage is perfect in its own way.

Building a business is not a predictable path, but a journey into the bright blue yonder and it is all created by you and your vision! We teach success, and it is not a mystery —

Brianna Wiest wrote a blog recently, Small Businesses that Fail in the First Year Always Have These 3 Things in Common and it is well worth sharing!

If You Want to Read More on starting your own business read: Three Ways to Know It is Time To Start Your Own Business


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I speak from experience!

I started my first Creative Business when I was a single mom with four tiny children.   That was 25 years ago and I started Business 101 for Creative Entrepreneurs to give back.  I am so grateful for all the support did get while I was getting started, but more than anything I wished I had some business support, some mentoring or guidance.    I want you to know that I get how hard, confusing, and challenging it can be to be alone and have real questions with no one to ask.

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