One foot in sea and one on shore,. To one thing constant never.

William Shakespeare


In this world of over achievement, and celebrating multi-tasking as if it were a best practice, having a Plan B is smart.   However, it is also a direct shot across the bow of your Plan A.    

There is a striking difference between divesting and undermining.   The question is, how can you tell what is really going on.  

One way is by reviewing what you are accomplishing your goals in Plan A.   If you are making progress, achieving your milestones, and building momentum – while you are investing energy in a back-up, or long term plan.  Great!  All good here. 

Contrarily, if you are not accomplishing your goals for Plan A and find yourself regularly procrastinating what “should get done” to what can get done, then you are in a red zone.   Another way to see it is if you find yourself focusing on Plan B more than (or even as much as) your primary business goals as a way to avoid confronting those aspects of business that are uncomfortable or take concentrated effort and lots of learning. 


If you are a writer of any sort, and you have “writer’s block” your job is to stare at the blank page/screen until you start writing.   It will get uncomfortable, until you start writing.   If you get up and start working on the other things on your life plan, you will not get through your block for a long time.      

Having a Plan B is a great idea on one level, just keep your eye on that level.  

Shut the Back Door! 

Results take a certain kind of commitment, the kind that is total; devoted; unwavering; did I say total? If and when we are not certain, we get unclear results. It is especially true when bringing something into existence that has not happened yet, like your new business. It takes all of your heart and focus to make that happen. Having one foot on sea and one on shore is a sure way to get wet!

Focus on what your “dream” business goals are and attack them with all you’ve got.   Knowing that you have an alternative, a back door, weakens your resolve to get through the tough, scary, stressful rough spots.    Get help if you need it.   Get a Buddy to talk to each day, or a Results Team©, to help you stay focused and innovate more quickly.  

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I started my first Creative Business when I was a single mom with four tiny children.   That was 25 years ago and I started Business 101 for Creative Entrepreneurs to give back.  Of course, I am so grateful for all the support I did get while I was getting started. Yet more than anything I wished I had some business support, some mentoring or guidance.    I want you to know that I get how hard, confusing, and challenging it can be to be alone and have real questions with no one to ask.

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