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Why Masterminds Don’t Work and How You Can Learn Anything Forever

What is Non-Linear Learning:  The More Natural Way To Learn? To truly understand non-linear learning we first have to talk a little bit about linear learning. For the most part we are all familiar with linear learning.  It is the kind of learning we have done in school, where you study something, you learn it, […]

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Developing Power: You Need Methods not Miracles!

Becoming Aware Of Your Self Sabotaging Behavior In the Tarot, there is a card called the Tower of Destruction.   For many it is a scary card, predicting a huge disruption in the future.   What most people don’t see in the more subtle aspects of the card is that the disruption is caused… we are at […]

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Is It Time You Finally Started That Creative Business You Dream About?

Everyone has Dreams of Starting a Creative Business That They Love. Being our own boss, having control over our income, making decisions that can change our life or our community, and have a real joy in our work is the dream of every creative entrepreneur. Really! The benefits of starting a Creative Business sound great! […]

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