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Dealing With Despair and Frustration:  My Amy Porterfield Story (podcast included)

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There are so many folks working really hard to make a difference, bringing their heart and souls to the market place and, at times, the pace of growth can make us seriously doubt and even wonder if we are doing the right thing by building a business.

Tawn Holstra Auston

I know when I started six years ago; I was so enthusiastic that I could hardly sit still.   All I wanted to do was reach out to potential clients and say “Here I am with your solution!” Which I did, but getting organized for real success took so much longer than I ever anticipated.    There were real times when I sat at my desk and cried.   I would sit there thinking “How much longer should I keep trying?”, “Maybe I should give up?”.   Then I would remember my clients.    Then, I would think about the people who would not get help if I quit.  In other words, I would think about you.

It turns out, You are My Inspiration

The work that you do and the people that you help and will help. The people you encourage, support,  be their angel, I am moved to my core by your courage and strength and I have no heart for quitting on you or on them.    I remember that you might be sitting at your desk crying and thinking you aren’t so sure anymore.   You might be sitting at your desk doubting your power to deal with the obstacles in your path.

When in Doubt Think of your Tribe

It always works for me.  Spend some time in your day to make the folks you want to serve real for you.   If you work to end homelessness, go to a shelter and do something that reminds you of your purpose.    If you work to save our environment then watch something that inspires you, like Blue Planet; If you work for human rights, talk to someone at risk or challenged by biases.

Part of Our Job is to Stay Inspired

One of our responsibilities as leaders is to stay inspired and I know, from personal experience, that it is not always easy.    Remember you are not alone and that your tribe is counting on you, even if they don’t know you yet!

What Would Bill Gates Do?

This is a story from my imagination, but tell me what you think.   When Bill Gates was a kid and quit college to move home and tinker in his parents’ garage for a year, do you think his mom and/or dad would open the door and say “Hey Bill what are you doing in here all day?,  Go get a job!,  Go back to school!” ?   I think, “What would life be like if he had listened to their doubts and gave up?”

So do what you have to do to stay connected to your mission.   Call a friend, call your coach, watch inspiring movies, volunteer… just don’t give up too soon…

 Introducing Amy Porterfield’s Amazing Podcast

One of my mentors, Amy Porterfield recorded this wonderful podcast just for those moments!   I thought it well worth sharing.  Give it a listen

#203: How To Get Noticed Online When You’re Just Starting Out

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