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Is It Time You Finally Started That Creative Business You Dream About?

By October 5th, 20207 Comments

Tawn Holstra Auston

Everyone has Dreams of Starting a Creative Business That They Love.

Being our own boss, having control over our income, making decisions that can change our life or our community, and have a real joy in our work is the dream of every creative entrepreneur. Really! The benefits of starting a Creative Business sound great! We might even have a great idea, a supportive partner (spouse, best friend, sister/brother) who is as excited as we are, yet, we are unsure if we should.

Just beyond the excitement is a veil of doubts and questions, #1  Do You Have What It Takes?

Do we have what it takes? Can we handle all these different areas of activity which we have not done before? Will we make the transition from job to business owner? What if we fail? What if our idea sucks? How will we recover? What is there to lose?

These are all really good questions and are best looked at at some point, really soon if you already started. However, the answers to these questions are not the way you choose to start a business. No matter when you start, you will be incompetent at somethings and fantastic at others, bad at and good at; ready and not ready; … so then how do you know when it is time you start a business?

How Do You Know When It is Time to Start a Creative Business of Your Dreams?

As we consider our options there are generally two that it all boils down to;  Staying where we are or grow into who we want to be.   Starting a creative business takes courage, actually starting any business takes courage.  The fact that it is a creative business that brings more of our personal passion and heart into it, makes it much more raw and thus takes more courage.

Some questions that may help you choose:

1. Are you possessed/burning/driven with the desire to offer something to the world?

Is there some area of the world that you cannot stop thinking about?   You read books, volunteer, make donations, follow stories about others who are doing what you are inspired by.   When you consider working in this area, you heart sings.  This is an strong indication that you would thrive working in this area.

2. Are you always coming up with better ways to do what is already being done?

This may relate to the area in #3.   You are great at finding creative solutions to problems and know they would work.  You take time to design solutions that you do not do anything with. For example, I had volumes of sketch books filled with house designs decades before I became a builder.

3. Are you WILLING to Take a Chance on Yourself and Your Dream?

If you are, almost everything you will come up against after that can be handled while you are starting your creative business.  If you are willing to create something and keep moving forward you can start.  You will learn along the way, and that is the nature of all business now.  Everyone in business is on this same path.

Suggestion: Stop waiting

There is always some aspect of creating that dream, creative business that will be scary simply because there will always be new areas to learn.   Is it worth the stress of being uncertain to have a business that includes your heart, head, and passion?   Only you can choose that.  I  can share that I chose about 25 years ago and I have had some hard times, but never, not ever have I regretted my choice.   There are always challenges, it makes it easier to get through them when the result is so palpable and important as the quality of your life.

Once You Decide

Ralph Waldo Emerson

What to Do Next to Start Your Creative Business

Learning what is next will get more important as you invest more of yourself and more of your funds.    Making the right choices is imperative to being a successful, creative entrepreneur.

Check your Chamber of Commerce for free entrepreneurs classes and ask others in your area is one way.

When I got started as a single mom with 4 kids and no money I was desperate for a coach, but never dreamed I could afford one.   That is what compelled me to start Business 101 for Creative Entrepreneurs to begin with… I wanted to give back and support folks who were working for what they loved.  Our start up program, Launch Like a Pro! is $297 or $97 a month and covers all you need to go from Vision to First Customers in 100 Days, with all the support and encouragement you need.

I invite you to accept the free gifts below.   I want nothing but for you to have enough faith in yourself to give try.  The world needs your love and creativity, now more than ever.

Be the spark and remember we are at your service!

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  • What Your Will Get!
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