5 Ways to Use Outrageous Actions to Kick Start Your Business Growth

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What Does It Take to Produce a Breakthrough?

There is a method to it and, I promise, throughout the series we will continue to unfold it.  For those who are in a hurry, there are also ways you can speed it up.

The simple and most potent access to breakthrough level growth is bold, or even outrageous, actions.

I like to think of it like a warning label – Bold Action will likely be required.  The question is, bold to whom?  outrageous to whom?   Is it outrageous for a fireman to run into a burning house?   Although it is heroic, it is also what they signed up for. They practice and prepare for it.  It would be outrageous for anyone who is NOT a fireman to do it and maybe even stupid.  Maybe, bold and outrageous actions are bold or outrageous only from our particular point of view.  They are big moves for us because they generally take courage.  They are outside our comfort zone, or things we never thought we were capable of.    They are so far out of our ordinary/normal way of being, we would not normally even think of them.

Being Ordinary vs. Living Extraordinary

Let’s be clear, it is not possible to stay, “business as usual” while producing a breakthrough.   The very nature of causing a breakthrough will pull you from your normal.  It will pull you (opposed to push you) to take actions that are outside what you are comfortable with and that is enough to get the ball rolling.

Go for the “No!”  

When I was just starting out as a trainer, I got the opportunity to submit an application to teach for a big platform that reached millions of people.   I was scared to death to do it and thoughts like, “I am not ready”, “they will never accept me”, “who am I to compete against experts?”, flooded my head every time I thought about it.  I would have sweaty palms and feel like I had 4 cups of espresso when I was working on the application.    I finally saw that I was afraid I was, somehow, going to blow some big opportunity that I would never get back.  Now I know, this is a beginner’s fear.

When you are moving toward your breakthrough there will likely be opportunities to step up in a way that your vision/future Self would  and you will either take that opportunity or not. The Breakthrough will be you taking it. Normal would be for you to not take it.  The super- important thing to remember is you have won by taking the action!   

The result will be whatever it may be, and your breakthrough is when you take the action!  With each small action you take, you are changing who you think you are in the world by engaging in conversations beyond your little self’s (your small, safe self’s) capacity to exist.

You will get a lot more no’s when you start making outrageous requests.  You even want to get them,  but remember the requests you are making are only outrageous to you, and the No’s will reinforce your breakthrough when you are making a lot more requests.

Every Time You Take Action Consistent with Your Vision/Future Self, You Are Reinforcing the Breakthrough, or Driving a Stake Through It’s Heart!

 Every author I have ever coached has thought that all they needed to do was get to Oprah and their lives would be forever changed.   When I said, “then call her”…. they all think I am kidding.   And that is the dissonance.   If you know what to do and don’t do it, that lack of action can be very dis-empowering.   Making huge requests (huge to you) is the fast, simple way to get things started.   It is like jet fuel for your goals.

5 Outrageous Actions to Kick Start Explosive Business Growth

1.  Make a list of milestones that would completely flip your project. 

  • Examples:
    • Author = sell 1000 books in a day or 10,000 in 30 days
    • Coach = 10 new clients in a month (or a week)
    • Workshop Leaders = 1 Sold Out Program
    • Inventor = a million dollar licensing agreement or a spot of QVC

 Criteria for breakthrough milestones are:

  • It has to seem impossible from where you are now
  • You cannot do it alone
  • It is thrilling and terrifying at the same time
  • It completely flips your game –

2. Make a list of people who can make that goal happen with a yes!

  • Examples:
    • Oprah
    • The head of a large organization
    • The buyer of a bookstore
    • The producer of a QVC segment

 3. Share your Outrageous Milestone with 10 people

  • 4 of whom you hardly know or just met;
  • This will require you to start conversations with folks you do not know and share what you are up to

 4. Make Requests Until You Get 3 No’s – (not sales)

  • Ask for what you want or need- (but not to sell )
    • Types of Requests you can make
      • A meeting
      • A commitment
      • To do a talk for their organization
      • A donation
      • Something that would support you –
        • Referral Partner
        • Airplane Ticket
        • Design Help
  1. For added Speed (and intensity)
    • Add “by when” — a shorter time frame vs. no time frame
    • Double your game (share with 20 people!)

Causing Breakthroughs is Fun!!

These simple actions will kick start your breakthrough and then some.   I have done this exercise many times and it never ceases to amaze me how much fun it is.   I meet new people who are also excited about what I am doing and want to help or participate in some way.   It brings me to new connections I would never have made and leads me to new discoveries as well.

Little Choices are Huge Levers

Each time you have an opportunity to share your project and what you are working on you are faced with a choice.  Talking about what we are working on can be challenging and it can take practice, but the heart of the matter is will you?  Will you ask?  Will you share?  These are the little choices you will constantly face when moving toward your breakthrough.   You will constantly be asked to be the Vision Self (you created) and you will, likely, be scared or uncertain.  When you do it anyway and cause a breakthrough for yourself it changes everything.  As stated earlier,  EVERY TIME YOU TAKE ACTION CONSISTENT WITH YOUR VISION SELF YOU ARE REINFORCING YOUR BREAKTHROUGH.    That is your breakthrough becoming the new normal and on your way to mastery.

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