Maybe the Struggle to Accomplish Something Hard is the Real Learning!

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I don’t know anyone who has not dreamed of a lucky break, being discovered for their talents, winning the lottery (even if they never buy a ticket), winning American Idol or Master Chef… the sudden change in circumstances that will change everything.

But, what if the real learning only comes when you push through the morass until you reach your goal?

When a caterpillar spins a cocoon it is instinct that drives that action… but when they begin to emerge there is a struggle; a huge push to emerge a butterfly, something they have never known…   However, and this is big however, if you cut the cocoon for them, the butterfly’s wings will not open.   It is the actual struggle that makes the wings expand.  By pushing through the confines of their own creation, the body fluid that has made their body so heavy is transferred to their wings and makes their body light and their wings strong.    Watching them struggle can be hard, but it is the only way they will ever be able to fly!

Just possibly it is the struggle to emerge the person you want to be that will have you arrive as the person you know you are. 

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