Consider that poverty, or being poor, is a state of being.   As a state of being we can alter it at any time.  

Tawn Holstra Auston

                                                  Tawn Holstra Auston

Is poverty healable?   

Why wouldn’t it be?    Is being poorer than your neighbors, or living in “those” neighborhoods so horrible that you think it is part of who you are?    Does not having the newest dress, or the newest electronic toy have such a negative impact on you that you think less of yourself or your parents, or your friends, or your children?  

Why are we so confused about money that we think how much money we have makes us less than others?  

It is true that money makes life easier, less stressful, and can make it more enjoyable.   It is equally true that there are many wealthy people who are not happy or fulfilled by their life.   It simply does not add up that having a Gameboy means that you are a better person, or not having one means that you are not a good person, worthy of trust, love, opportunity, or value.     

“We’re not poor, we just don’t have any money!” was my mother’s constant response to poverty shamers…

Is poverty healable?   Yes, in all ways.  Why?  Because it is not about you at all.    Not having money, means you don’t have money and that is completely fixable!     Not having as much money as someone else will likely always be the case.   There will, almost certainly,  be someone in the world that has more than you, on the Forbes Wealthiest List, for example, no matter how much you make.    So having more than anyone else is not the game;  Not having enough to “do what you “want” when you want it”;  that is also not likely to make the feeling go away.  Why, because it is not about the money!!  

How you feel about your life and what’s possible for you, it is not about money!

No really, how you feel about you and your life, what’s possible for you and your family, who you can be in the world, the contribution you can make…  how you feel about these things is not about money.   It is entirely about how you “be” about money;  money is a tool, like a hammer.     

Money is one of the things you will likely have to acquire to accomplish your dreams, but that is true about every entrepreneur that has ever walked the earth…   The gap between “I have a great idea!”  or “ I have a dream to go to _(fill in the blank)____”  is the same gap that Sir Richard Branson had when he started his first record store.   It is the same gap that most folks have to deal with as they build a bridge from where they are now to where they want to be.     

So, What’s the Difference Between You and a Successful Entrepreneur?

What’s the real difference between you and a successful entrepreneur (and I use entrepreneur since these are the people who consistently dream and then tackle making their dreams real), and you is that they are consciously recognizing the self-limiting thoughts that are dictating your future.    

So, is poverty healable?    Completely and totally heal-able… without question, yes…  

Now what?   

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I speak from experience…

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