On-Line 100 Day Business Growth Intensives

  • Develop Your Power: Strategic Planning and Developing Habits That Help You Grow

  • Get Visible: Business Out Loud – Blogging, Video, & Podcasting
  • Mastering Revenue: Systemizing for Business Growth and Time Freedom

    Plus we offer a 2 week intensive on Closing More Sales: The Relationship Sales Program that often as doubles close ratios.
    And a 2 week intensive, Life Long Customers Who Refer: Customer Retention and Building an Explosive Referral Program

  • Launch Like a Pro! Your First $1000 in 100 Days
  • On-Line Growth Tracks:

    Annual Programs:

    Breakthrough Business Growth – You do not know what you are capable of!!

    Includes: all the intensives including Close More Sales – and Life Long Customers Who Refer, for monthly fee – all except Launch Like a Pro!

    Designing Your Life’s Work:

    Designing Your Life’s Work! Make a Difference and Learn to Cause Your Own Satisfaction.

    This program is a powerful access for ensuring you are authentically satisfied and thriving from your work, no matter if you are flipping burgers, raising children, or delivering programs at the UN.There is not much in life more important than loving your work; Or on the flipside, most people (maybe you) either do not love their work, hate going to work, or at best, tolerate their work life, and are completely resigned about it.

    1000% – It does not have to be this way….

"Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep."
― Scott Adams

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