Business 101 for Creative Entrepreneurs offers 8 Live coaching calls a month where all participants are able to ask questions and get coaching.  These are built into the low monthly fees of our program and meant to provide enormous access to all you need to start, build, and grow your business.     These calls are recorded and sent to each active participants’ inbox after each call and then they are posted on the platform where all the curriculum resides so you can review them again and again.

From time to time, or as the need presents itself, one-on-one coaching is available by request.  These calls are best used to review plans, get specific coaching about designing a program, marketing, or strategy.   The cost for active participants is 50% of our full price.

Participants in Business 101 for Creative Entrepreneurs get a private coaching call in the first 30 days of their program to assist in their learning plan and designing their business goals AND another about 6 months into their first year.

If you have questions about coaching (or the program in general)  you can use the form below or follow this  link to schedule a FREE 30 minute consult on your business,

Private Coaching is available – if you are interested in Private Coaching schedule a private call with me

"The chief enemy of creativity is good sense."
― Pablo Picasso

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