About Business 101

Business 101 for Creative Entrepreneurs is a comprehensive, full-spectrum educational program designed to get you out of the rat race and propel you into the creative career of your dreams. Featuring knowledge from an impressive faculty of world-class business people, Business 101 for Creative Entrepreneurs will give you all the resources you need to launch your creative career today.

As a work-at-your-own-pace program, the heart of Business 101 Creative Entrepreneurs program is our Live Coaching Call Curriculum.   Each week there are 2 live calls, one on Business Development and one on Marketing, and the calls are recorded for participants’ convenience.    

There are also one hundred hours of training via an online membership that grants you exclusive access to webinars, videos, worksheets, handouts, and  resources.

There is also a FREE  monthly Q&A call led by Tawn Holstra Auston,  to support your growth, and for guests.


"The painter has the Universe in his mind and hands."
― Leonardo da Vinci


In order to craft your dream business from the ground up, you will need the tools and the skills to plan from the drawing board. These principles of Business 101 outline how to create a foolproof blueprint for your creative career. MORE


Networking, branding, marketing–all components of business strategy that are often done poorly or overlooked completely by us creative folk. Learn to sell yourself as a creative entrepreneur and have fun doing it!MORE


There is nothing like seeing the fruit of your hard work… but what do you need to maintain the breakthrough results you’ve worked so hard for? This module covers aspects of keeping momentum in your new creative life, and legal information that will keep your business afloat.


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