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What is Beyond Mastery? Can We Intentionally Cause Breakthroughs? Can We Intentionally Evolve?

Exploring the very edge of what is possible is always a fun conversation… but making it real, bringing it back to the game of actually living a day to day existence that makes a difference for you, your family and the community you live in, that is the challenge!

When you start to address mastering anything, what you will discover after the different phases of accomplishment is that mastery is an on-going state… if you are a master, you are always practicing and the more you practice the more the little nuances, the trimtabs will matter.

When we first start to learn something we make gross movements… large movements without finesse or grace and there will be regular mistakes. After a while you will being to make it graceful, more elegant and focused… there will be less mistakes. After a long time, you will notice a monotony of thinking, as if mastering something was a dull or mindless state… but do not be fooled. This practice time is incredibly important… you are beginning to embody your art!

Finally we get to a state of peace and focus and the actions and movements, even the thoughts that took us so much attention when we began, are now in the background… they are part of what we “know” and no longer have to be thought about at every movement.

At this point, you are a master… now what?

So what is beyond mastery? What is possible once we master our craft? This is where a true master will start to mess around a little. Experiment and explore the fringes of the art. In business we call this innovation. We start to make slight changes that can change the art altogether…can even create a new type of art…

Beyond mastery there is discovery of the unknown… there is only what’s next. However, without mastering the rules and structures first true innovation tends to be accidental.

So how do you make work at this in the real, day to day world?  When in doubt, practice!

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