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Learn Something New Every Day to Keep Sharp at Any Age!!

Learning Something New Every Day Keeps You Sharp at Any Age!

It does not matter if you are 20 something or 60 something, keeping up with all the information, changes, and news in just one field is a full time job. Trying to keep up with personal and business changes is all but impossible. Yet, the strong will not wither in the face of that challenge.

When you need to eat an elephant you need to chunk it down and then take it one bite at a time.

Learning something new every day is challenging sometimes. In business and in personal life, it is my humble opinion that the more active we keep our minds the more flexible and conscious we remain. You could say it keeps us younger to learn every day. It keeps us current with what is happening in the world now.

Personally, I spend at least 20 minutes a day learning a language with Duolingo (suggested by Tim Ferris, who I highly respect as a voracious learner). Super simple and easy to use immersion program that is FREE!! Sometimes I use Luminosity, a self- testing site, which is really great although not free.

I also take an aspect of my business (especially something that I don’t really want to do) and dig into it for a few months at least, sometimes up to a year or longer. This past 18 months has been about eCommerce and on-line marketing for small businesses. I have done so much research, have spent about $40,000 on various programs, (some good and some not so worthwhile) over 2 years and have tested many things, most of which have had some good points but not the complete package. Learning this way is good, but also costs a lot. However, you know it in your bones, you know it personally and can think through it when you get stuck… you actually know it.

I would love to hear what you do to keep your mind active and stay engaged with what’s happening in the business world and the outside world. Keep me posted!!

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