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Inquiry: What Does It Take for You to Go From Rags to Riches?

There are so many rags to riches stories around lately and they are all, each and every one of them, inspiring beyond measure. Hearing about or watching someone have true success when they have had a hard start in life opens the gates to our hearts and often inspires others to follow in that same path. Knowing someone else did it makes it more real for all who witness it.

So, what does it take to go from nothing to wealth, stability, and financial freedom? Were they just lucky or one song wonders?

Here are the consistencies I see:

They work hard
They are relentless
They had an opportunity and were ready for it (which means they practiced like they were the real deal)
They kept going no matter what circumstances made it look impossible
Creative problem solvers
They think big!

Having grown up under the statistical bar of poverty, I have a true passion to look back over my shoulder and help others.   I know that human beings can do anything, become anyone;  yet it seems very hard at times.   When we work together all things become easier.

As this is an inquiry, I would love to hear from you about what you notice about those who have worked themselves out of poverty!


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