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3 Ways to Know If It’s Time You Start a Business

Everyone has dreams of starting a business. Being our own boss, having control over our income, making decisions that can change our life or our community. It all sounds great. We might even have a great idea, a supportive partner (spouse, best friend, sister/brother) who is as excited as we are, yet, we are unsure if we should.

Just beyond the excitement is a veil of doubts and questions. Do we have what it takes? Can we handle all these different areas of activity which we have not done before? Will we make the transition from job to business owner? What if we fail? What if our idea sucks? How will we recover? What is there to lose?

These are all really good questions and are best looked at at some point, really soon if you already started. However, the answers to these questions are not the way you choose to start a business. No matter when you start, you will be incompetent at somethings and fantastic at others, bad at and good at, ready and not ready… so then how do you know when it is time you start a business?

1. Are you possessed/obsessed/driven with the need to offer something to the world?
2. Are you always coming up with better ways to do what is already being done?
3. Are you WILLING to take chance on yourself and your dream?

Almost everything you will come up against after that can be handled while you are starting a business.
If you are willing to create something and keep moving forward you can start. Stop waiting.



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