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3 Most Important Activities to Grow Your Business: List Building, List Nurturing, & Launching!

There are only 3 activities that are constant in our eCommerce business. These are, in order of importance:

1. LIST BUILDING – building interest
2. LIST NURTURING – building trust
3. LAUNCHING — making valuable offers of service

Although you must tend to each of these important activities, List Building is, easily, the most important activity of your business.  Without a expanding and responsive list, you are limiting your growth potential.   List building takes attention, but is not hard and you can get started building your list from nothing in as little at a week (a few days if you have nothing else to do).

List building is about connecting with your tribe. Who are the people interested in your work? What makes them tick and what solutions can you provide to them? List building is all about creating interest. Creating a relationship with people that will last. This not a list that you will “blast” with sales pitches but rather you will offer solutions to their problems, the issues that matter to them in their lives.

If you do this well, you will have a list of interested and engaged people who will be much more likely to open your offers when they arrive in their inbox.

There are multiple ways to build a list. Gather names at your networking events and specifically ask if they would like to receive emails from you. Offer free stuff on the internet and prepare a landing page to have them opt-in. Provide webinars at no cost except their email address.

Yet the challenge remains, how do I know what my potential customer might be interested in?

Well, that is the question of the day. How do you know? Fortunately, there is a way to locate your potential customer by getting clear about what they suffer about. What are the things that keep them up at night? Those aspects of their life or business that they really need to figure out and they have no answers, or the answers they have did not produce the result they expected or needed.

These are the issues that folks will pay money to resolve. These are the issues that folks will go to lengths to find a solution to. This is really the hardest work of building your list.   You have to spend time thinking about your ideal customer and what they are struggling to accomplish.

If you can provide a solution to an issue that your potential customer is tangling with than they will gladly give you their email address for a free solution. Best advice: Do not tease them… give them the solution, yes for free. The next time they get an email from you; among the hundreds of emails that people receive each day… they are way more likely to open it.

Overall motto: Be generous!

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